Sunday, October 17, 2004

Tea cosy

Even though Australia grows the best coffee in the world (oh yes we do!) at the moment I’m addicted to Madura tea.

Here’s how to make a great cuppa. Teabags are fine (crackpots will disagree) but you need to let the tea steep for five minutes. Not four and not six: five. Then take out the teabag and let the tea sit for one minute. If you like milk, add it now. And if you’re Old & Cranky** like me, sweeten yourself up by adding sugar.

Then there’s nothing to do but relax. Forget the worries of the world, because, in fact, all is now right with the world: you have a cup of tea in your hands. Ah, yes! Truly it is the cup that refreshes.

**I’m not officially Old yet (just turned 137) but that day is on the way and, as everybody knows, all old people are cranky. And because I do so love to fill out a stereotype snuggly, and because when I’m Old I’ll probably forget, I’ve become Cranky already. (This is what they mean by the “pre-emptive strike”.)