Monday, January 17, 2005

Pulling my smelly socks up

You know those Before/After shots in advertisements? My thinking processes for a while now have resembled one of the Befores. Not my fault, of course, apart from the fact it’s my responsibility. I discovered MoodGYM ages ago, thanks to a story on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters (about the millionth time I’ve been grateful for free public broadcasting) and then neglected to stick with the program. Typical (a statement which typifies warped thinking, which MoodGYM teaches you to identify and deal with).

Thanks to forecasts of a rainy day (any excuse to avoid mowing... and about the millionth time I’ve been grateful for being a real lazy git... oops, warped thinking alert...) I’ve just gone back to the lessons at MoodGYM. And if it seems like I’ve mentioned its name three times already because I might be advocating its use? Oh, why yes! Why yes, I am! If your own thinking processes could do with some coaching, MoodGYM is free, you can sign up under an assumed name (you need to leave a real email address but after the sign-up you’ll never hear from them again) and you can work through the lessons whenever you want. It’s based on the theory of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is based on the belief that our thoughts about events determine how we feel, not the events themselves.

So. I went back. Redid some of the lessons about warped thinking, realised I’d forgotten everything previously learned, and also realised that I’ve probably imbued this whole blog with examples of How Not to Think Your Way to Self-Esteem, Success or Happiness. Oh good. That’s great. Always happy to be a beacon of instruction for others. Give me a round of applause, please. Comparing yourself to me should give you just the boost you’ve always wanted (...warped thinking and associated laughter alert...).

Back to MoodGYM to get fit. Damn. I’m sweating already.