Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Open Universities Australia

I haven't studied anything for years and this is feeling really exciting, so I'm going to make notes as I go along - for my own sake, as much as anything; making a travel diary, in effect.

I just registered online for the
Open Universities Australia unit (the philosophy one) and it was really easy! And quick! And I'm amazed! :) The only hiccup was near the start where one of the buttons ("Total") was mostly hidden under the edge of a frame or something, and then later I put gaps in the credit card number (don't do it) but apart from that, plain sailing!

And here's the interesting part: the Open Universities undergraduate units really DON'T require previous study, or any documentation, or anything other than your name, address and money. The enrolment form asks when you completed the final year of high school, and having left at the start of Year 12, never completing the HSC (I went to uni through a mature age entry scheme, God bless 'em), I was worried this might lead to a need for references, or evidence of previous study/experience, or... something. But no. Nothing at all! Anybody over the age of 11 is eligible, no previous study required.

And the cost: I paid upfront because I'm only doing one unit so far, and may as well tackle the bill now. But here's the great part: OUA students can apply for fee-help, and if eligible, can defer the cost of their studies until repayments are taken through the income tax system later, similar to HECS.

Amazed! It's marvellous. Public education, really truly ruly. I love it so far.