Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Seasick and listing

I’ve had all day to write stuff for this blog (raining - no work) and so far I’ve written the previous post plus this. And that previous one? About the rain? It took me so long to write it, the rain has gone.

Things start off all right. I make a note whenever an idea crops up (“I’m blogging this” stamped all over my forehead) and then write a first draft when I get the chance. And this is where the trouble starts.

The first draft is rough and jumps around a lot and has all sorts of rubbish in it (chaff... leaves... Where’d this frog come from?!). So I toddle along to a second draft and start moving things around, tidying this, that, fluffing, rearranging... That takes us to Draft 3. By this stage I’ve probably added new bits, and then they need tinkering. And soon it becomes obvious I’ve completely lost the plot and am just trying to be clever and cutesy. So it's back to Draft 1. Again.

(Did you know the term ad nauseum comes from the Latin meaning “to the point of nausea”, and that nausea comes originally from the Greek for seasickness? Just in case you were wondering.)