Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Weighing the options

I’ve been debating whether to reveal the existence of this blog to my family. What if they make stupid comments and embarrass me? (Ba-ba-boom! That’s for you, pets, if you’re ever making a future archive excursion.) I asked one of my sisters for advice - cannily showing the blog in the process - and her reply frightened me, and not just because she’s a terribly scary woman in her own right. The scariest bit was me: she thinks that online I'm different. And here was me thinking this is Me the Everyday. Which, if it comes down to a tussle, is the correct answer. This is Me the Everyday. Which then leads to the question: well, who is that dawdling creature out there in the world, then? What’s going on?

But the topic at hand: do I want my family reading this? At the moment the only projected scenario is that they’ll love it and we’ll all live happily ever after. But what if it leads to a minefield instead, and one day in the future I’ll be tiptoeing through, cursing the idiot I was back now? These people and I are stuck with each other. If I have to choose between them and a blog topic, I’ll choose them. (So it'd be better if they weren’t reading, and I could write about anything.) But I love doing this blog and it’d be good to share it with them. (So it'd be better if they were reading, and we'll have more conversations.)

Any advice, fellow blogger? There’s every chance you’re an intelligent, thoughtful person who knows the answer to everything. No, no, yes, it’s true.