Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Remarkables


[Photo from Backpack New Zealand, where you can find many more beautiful photos of that most beautiful land.]

Sometimes the wrong people get our attention. There are interesting people all over the place, doing amazing things, but unless they can afford to contest the next US election, there’s a good chance we’ll only see or hear about them by chance. For instance: have you heard of Fred Frese? I only-by-chance caught ABC TV’s repeat broadcast of Fred’s National Press Club speech (ABC TV, 03 November 2004; originally broadcast 17 September 2003). People like Fred are heroes, so I’m starting a series of posts called The Remarkables to bring them to your attention. So then at least two of us will be able to applaud them. (Is it okay with you if we wave little flags and shout Hurrah?)