Sunday, October 31, 2004


It’s the Saturday night before the Sunday midnight (well, yesterday it was), the day I was finally going to find a plot and characters, and several things seem obvious:

- It’s obvious I had to make a cake. There isn’t a NaNoWriMo-er on the planet who could start without a cake. Obvious? Yes. (Tick.)
- It’s also obvious I needed to make some choux pastry and eat it before it got to the oven. (Tick.)
- Sweeping, doing the laundry, doing the washing up? Obvious? Yes. (Tick, tick, tick.)
- Cleaning out two cattle troughs and fixing two broken pipes? Obviously obvious. (Tick, tick, tick.)
- Spending several hours looking for a quotation for this blog’s sidebar? Yes, obvious. It could not wait another day. (Tick.)
- Not being able to find one? (Tick)
- Reading the paper? (Tick)
- Walking the dogs? (Tick)
- Procrastinating all day because I’ve forgotten this is fun? (Tick.)
- Coming to my senses just in time to remember? (Tick.)
- Continuing this tick-a-list idea so long it gets really tedious and makes me look like an idiot? (Ticketty ticketty boom tick!)

Sunday midnight: less than a day away. (Tick.) Cannot wait.