Sunday, October 24, 2004

New blogger | Old fool

I started this blog about two weeks ago, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I wander around all day with my head somewhere else, paper and pen at the ready to note down the next idea. The whole world has become a potential blog topic.

And so it was that I went to bed last night, thinking only of this blog (yes, yes, how romantic). What to write next? How should I phrase this or that? If I write that differently, will it be funnier?

Underneath this non-stop stream of drivel was the dim awareness of discomfort in my chest, but I was too busy with The Blog Daily Times to really notice. It was only when I shifted to a more uncomfortable position that the little voice of pain broke through the blog-fog: Hey! Over here! This hurts!

And suddenly, of course, pandemonium: My chest hurts! My chest hurts! Heart attack! Breast cancer! Worst case scenario! Oh no, oh no, arghh!

I put my hand up to detect just where the pain was coming from and made a remarkably speedy diagnosis: “Sharp pain in ribs due to sharp pen in pocket.”

True story, I’m afraid. (God help me.)