Sunday, December 12, 2004


The more you learn, the stupider you become, eh? (Or is that just me?)

HaloScan. I went back and actually read the instructions this time, including the part on the Template page where it says: "You can use the CSS template editor to edit your stylesheet...", meaning this is where you can change the size of the font. OHHH!! Which I've subsequently done, but only by cutting & pasting the "font-size" bits from this Blogger template. If it looks ridiculous, please let me know. This goes for anything else here as well - I've patched together bits of template to modify this Blogger standard, not knowing what the hell I'm doing. It looks okay in my browser, but dunno whether it works in others. Any problems, please say.

The computer language thing is interesting. It really is a foreign world. Everything about the language is incomprehensible, unless you know the basics (s'pose that's true of all languages). But just for basic tinkering, you don't need to understand what things mean (I'm hoping, because I don't), you just need to figure out where to put them. In English it would be the equivalent of looking at the word "tree" and seeing it as a collection of written lines, not as a symbol referring to anything in the real world, and not as something which could be replaced by "TREE". The word becomes a thing in itself, not merely a way to refer to something else. Or something. (Hot day, brain melting, yes again, very funny, shut up.)

Just one more thing about the HaloScan thing: the forums seem to be moderated by volunteers, who perhaps are too patient and forbearing for their own good. Nice job, Remarkables. Thank you.

Just one more thing x 2. The CSS Tutorial is great, and explains things very well (plus you can tinker with stuff and see the effects).