Saturday, July 23, 2005

The key to happiness

This is me being a creek. And here's the thing, reader: this afternoon when I took this picture I was so damn happy. I'd been sitting on a rock in the sun, and stopped listening to all the noise in my head (the endless yapping, whingeing, whining) and listened instead to the creek.

And oh! The joy! The quiet! The stillness! The sun, the breeze, the water over the rocks...

So I raced home thinking that all these weeks of having nothing to say were over. I'm back! I've discovered the key to happiness: just shut the fuck up and stop whining! So easy! So effective! You Too Can Be Happy!

You can see what's coming, can't you... I spent about two hours trying to write this fucking post, telling you how fucking happy I am, and the whole aggravating process of this fucking process makes me so fucking unhappy I'm now ready to KILL someone! ARGHHH!!

Honest to God. What is there to do but laugh? Life's a shit and then you die. Blah de blah fucking blah.

I'll cheer up. I'll be back. Well hell, I AM back. Just really fucking shitty.


Sigh... Reader? Really, truly, seriously now: I hope you're well. I can't see past the end of my nose when this self-centredness closes in, but you're out there somewhere and thank God for that. Go, you.