Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chattering quite unnecessarily

I posted once before about the mindless chatter that runs in my head all the time. I'm not channelling spirits or hearing voices, it's just what my brain does when there's nothing more important to do. Here's a little gem from today that's still making me laugh:
"I love to spit. It makes me feel alive."

You really wanted to know that, didn't you?


Just discovered I'm in good company: William Butler Yeats had surprising words springing to mind as well:

This sentence seemed to form in my head, without my willing it, much as sentences form when we are half-asleep: "Hammer your thoughts into unity." For days I could think of nothing else, and for years I tested all I did by that sentence.

Obviously he was pretty cluey, so I'm going to take his lead. Henceforth I'll be testing everything that I do with my own special question: "Does this make me feel like spitting?"

Please don't stand downwind.