Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Music meme

Matty passed me this music meme and I was seriously worried about doing it. (Do I want you to know how much of a dag I am? Why, no!) I love music, but for years now - and for one reason or another - I haven't kept up with what's going on. At the moment the only new music I hear is on the radio.

But... I had SO MUCH FUN doing this meme! I was scouting around trying to remember things I used to love, and trying to find the names of things I've heard recently. And I loved it! I feel like I've had a holiday. Thank you, Matty.

Total volume of music on my computer: zero, 0, nothing (Haven't got an MP3 player. Should I get one? Will it kill my download limit?)

The last CD I bought:
k.d. lang - hymns of the 49th parallel

Song playing right now: There's nothing playing right now, except night noises outside the house (and there's not many of them).

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me (reinterpreted by me to be "More than five songs I hardly hear at all, but would like to hear more often"):

(current, and only heard in passing on the radio)
Millencolin - Ray

The Cat Empire - Sly
The Waifs - Haircut (live version)
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

(old albums, and remembered with love and memories)
Crowded House - Crowded House (uni)
The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette (years of cool)
Mary Black - No Frontiers (travelling)
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty (country verandah on a rainy afternoon)
and last but not least, the most immediate and surprising waves of joy came from hearing a snippet of ACDC's single - Back in Black.

So I'd say that last one in particular now marks me out as an official Big Dag.

Three people to whom I'm passing the baton:
Hmm... I don't know who's reading this, and whether you'll be interested, but let's see what happens: