Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ten things I've never done

Michael at Mischievous Constructions kindly passed this on (thank you!).

I've never:

- punched anybody in anger (but I’d seriously love to)
- understood the appeal of male strippers (they don’t look sexy, they look stupid)
- wondered about a life in sport

- been in a beautiful spot without wishing to be with someone I loved
- fitted in

- felt sure
- made good, made heaps, or made out in a car
- smashed crockery, slammed doors or screamed
- met my match
- been understood or appreciated**

I now pass this meme on to anan and birdy, but I haven't asked them yet, so if you're reading this and are NOT anan and birdy and want an excuse to do this list yourself: I pass it to you. Specifically: you. Go on. It's fun.

**A joke. Isn't this what these memes are about? We humans are stupid and predictable, but who'd be anything else, eh? I like us.