Sunday, February 13, 2005

Say what?

When you’re not thinking, brain just idling, what’s going on in your head? Is it different for everybody? I’ve got a book** which discusses this sort of thing and I was going to summarise it, but it’s taking too long and I’ve run out of puff. Basically the author is saying that our thoughts are conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, and each of these three modes uses each of three perceptual channels: kinesthetic, visual, or auditory, giving six patterns altogether. If your conscious mind is kinesthetic, your subconscious mind is visual, and your unconscious mind is auditory, you could call yourself a KVA, for example. I don't know whether these categories have any merit in a scientific sense - it's not a scholarly book - but the ideas are interesting.

My subconscious mind has a conversation running all the time. I don’t mean I’m hearing voices, it’s just mindless inaudible chatter that I can either tap into or not. And this afternoon it gave me something new to think about. I nearly tripped while walking, and thought, “Oh! Hootenanny!”

Hootenanny?? I’ve never said “hootenanny” in my entire life. I had to Google for a definition:

1. An informal performance by folk singers, typically with participation by the audience.
2. Informal. An unidentified or unidentifiable gadget.
If this made any sense, I could've put a nice neat conclusion right here. How annoying.

**Dawna Markova, The Art of the Possible: A Compassionate Approach to Understanding the Way People Think, Learn and Communicate (California USA: Conari Press, 1991) ISBN: 0943233127.