Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Remarkable Unnameable Sister

My non-J sister has threatened me with death if I talk about her (something about leaving the past behind, I think?**) but...

Today is big. Can’t tell you why, but let’s hint vaguely at promotion in a field that isn’t traditionally welcoming to women. I’ve been told she sometimes reads this blog (very slowly, sounding out the words) if there’s an occasional break in traffic.

Darl? You’re amazing. I wish I could trumpet your strengths, but those strengths are big. You're an inspiration to me and everybody. (Who gives a shit about them, though? You're an inspiration to me.)

Here's to you, Remarkable.

The aforementioned sister emailed last night and, while she didn't call me a fool in so many words (being busy and all), she did want to point out that her new title is ceremonial, the timing of it would be a joke for anyone else in the same industry, and the title is useful only for impressing the public. What Unnameable Sister, Fool the Younger, fails to realise is that the rest of us are the public. We're impressed. It worked! So shut up, darl, and bask in glory. (You idiot.)

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** I know about the extradition order, and I'm keeping it up my sleeve.