Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dulcet tones

My non-J Evil (apparently-non-blog-reading) Sister gave me some lovely things for Christmas, including an Amazon voucher. I love vouchers: there’s something delicious about the luxury of considering and not making the decision... I eventually decided on CDs and they arrived today. One of them is k.d. lang’s “hymns of the 49th parallel”. Oh! (momentarily speechless) It’s so beautiful!! Sort of mournful and quiet, but that’s sort of me. It makes me want to fling my arms out and say yes, life, yes! (Mind you, that could be just beer talking.) Beautiful. God bless Canadians.

PS. I only know about this album because it was playing when I got my hair cut. Maybe every cloud has a silver lining.

And Evil Sister? You’re a darl, darl. Even if you don’t see this. I know you can’t read anyway. Kissie, kissie.