Sunday, January 30, 2005


If you're Australian, did you hear Wave Aid on Triple J tonight? I only heard bits of it, and only recognised bits of that, but the finale - Midnight Oil - brought back memories. It's funny how the music from your younger years stays so firmly in your head. Is that because it's more important to you then, or because you fail to keep up with what happens later? (Suspect the latter.)

I remember seeing Midnight Oil a few times in my teens and twenties, but can only remember one venue: Ballina RSL Club. The most memorable night of those years was for Cold Chisel (Bangalow Bowling Club - a tiny place, and a great night; also saw Crowded House there), INXS (The Playroom? Gold Coast), Matt Finish (remember them? Italo-Australian Club, Lismore), the Narara thing (near Gosford, 1982-or-3?) and various bands in Byron Bay at the Top Pub, Great Northern, and the Rails. Aaahhh. I can't believe it's so long ago. Sigh... I was so bloody cool then (laughing).