Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Remarkable J

My sister J has just embarked on her Masters in typical fashion (ie. full-on) while holding down a full-time job and caring for a husband, two children, and tackling all the running-around, angst and energy a family life entails. She is the very epitome of someone I consider to be Real. (And I want to make it clear that my last possibly-histrionic post in no way refers to her in the first paragraph - I was thinking only of myself there, as per usual.)

J is a person who was far too sensible to continue school till Year 12 - our school was a waste of bloody time, as many of them are - and who spent her formative years doing far more interesting things, most of them at the beach and not all of them legal (I'm saying that last bit to make her look groovy... obviously...) Qualifying for uni as a mature-age applicant, she became a whizz-kid Honours student. Details from her research were published around the world overnight, for example, every journalist taking the results completely out of context - which surely must be the measure of a great academic's work, yes? (laughing).

Now she’s onto the next big step. Her subject is an area which has direct implications for the wellbeing of actual people in the real world, though she says in an email, “I actually only chose the course because I'd get lots of letters after my name one day.” Oh. Sure you did.

Go, J-darl. You’re an inspiration.