Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Heavens above?

According to the SelectSmart.com Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Liberal Quakers.
What do you believe?
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I've done this quiz four times now... Once ages ago, again quite recently, a third time tonight when I realised I hadn't actually read the instructions the first two times (you're supposed to choose the things you'd like to explore in a belief system, not necessarily the ones you currently believe), and finally now a fourth time because I didn't like the results of the third. Three out of four times the winning placegetter was Unitarian Universalism, but I've never heard of that till now, and besides, the Liberal Quakers came second and they're similar to Beanites. No idea what a Beanite is, the name just makes me laugh. I wanna be a Beanite...


If you do the quiz, come back and tell us what you are, eh, Reader? We could have some religious wars. (Joking...)