Monday, December 12, 2005

Skimming the 5,000: 2,201 - 2,300

This is the penultimate survey (I'm saying that for J's benefit - I know you just LOVE the word "penultimate" now, dearest).

From The 5000 Question Survey v2.0 part 45 and part 46:

2219. Would you rather visit the dessert or the rainforest?
2225. Do you treat people differently based on their appearance?
2257. Have your gods and idols let you down?
2261. What do you waste?
2289. What's a word people should use more often?

2219. The dessert, specifically Lemon Meringue Pie Land.
2225. Yes. I don't mean to and shouldn't, but do.
2257. Yes. Bastards one and all.
2261. Time, paper, water, teabags, space, opportunities, and my life.
2289. Two words: "thank you".