Thursday, January 19, 2006


It rained overnight, and the rain gauge overflowed. There's a crack down the side at top left, so this is it being full (at 144mm):

Nice clean fence, yes.

Nearby districts recorded scores of 233mm and 223mm, so I'm guessing we were somewhere in the middle - let's say about 225mm (9 inches), which is rather a lot. It's still raining at the moment, or rain is falling from passing showers, but I think it's on the way out.

So. I've got a nice excuse for sitting here in front of the computer: can't mow, it's raining. And as it happens, I couldn't mow anyway because I butchered the mower the other day. Again. The poor thing must quake in fright every time I approach. This time I managed to get it tangled with a partly-submerged tree root, bending parts of the something-or-other out of shape, meaning that the deck (and the cutting blades) are suspended in a bit of a freefall. All staff (ie. both Dad and I) attempted repair with the time-honoured technique of bashing with a hammer, but to no avail. So the injured parts are today being repaired by people who actually know what they're doing.

And talking of which, here's a lesson for the young player: when photographing a rain gauge, don't line up the level of the water with the outline of the hills in the background, because that would be just stupid, wouldn't it?