Saturday, April 15, 2006


I'm trying to get a photo of every type of bird I see around the place this weekend, and it's proving more difficult than I'd imagined. My camera isn't very cooperative with a moving target (the focus is automatic, and far too often it just keeps zooming in and out without locking onto the subject) and the lens isn't great for distance use. Plus, it's the damnedest thing: all the birds just take one look at me and fly away! Boo!

Still... It's a fun thing to do in a rather nerdy way.** I'll update each photo if I can come up with a better version later, but the list as it currently stands is this:

UPDATE: The photos are over here now because this page was taking too long to load. But look! How cute is this bird??

I don't know what to call it, other than Oh You Little Darling.

** Big thumbs up for SBS TV's first instalment of Nerds FC last night. It walks a fine line between laughing with and at the players, but (I thought, anyway) decided to side with them, thank goodness. One of the highlights for me was the coach, Andy Harper, saying after an incident the first time they played: "I didn't think that was the hard part of the game, the throw-in."

:) Nerds rule!