Friday, June 23, 2006

Carefully recording the moment

Yay!! Australia goes through to the second round of the World Cup thanks to a nail-biting 2-all draw with Croatia. And thank God they equalised the score, because otherwise our poor goalkeeper (having had a momentary lapse of concentration, shall we say) might later have been hung, drawn and quartered.

I really like the way Simon Hill (SBS-TV) calls these games, and when he said something amusing about coach and miracle-worker, Guus Hiddink, I scrawled it down:


"G.H. stands [- - - ??] againts [sic] the dugout as if waiting for a bus. 88 minutes [into the game]."

Yeah, well. I know he said it. And it was funny.


IMPASSIVELY!! "G.H. stands impassively against the dugout..."

Well, phew! That threatened to haunt me until the end of time. (But how on earth is that a "p" in there?! Huh?? Can I actually write at all?? That down-stroke looks like the end of a "y".)

In hindsight, this quote may not the funniest thing ever said. However you need to see it in the context of the times: Hiddink's opposite number, the Croatian coach, seemed to be suffering some kind of wild paroxysm for the full 90+ minutes. Hiddink's bus-stop calm was amusing in comparison.