Monday, June 12, 2006


There was an interesting article by Stephanie Dowrick in last Saturday's Good Weekend magazine (part of the Sydney Morning Herald). Nothing earthshattering, she wasn't saying anything new, but her argument is relevant to blogging: humans need stories, we need to tell them and to hear them.

Storytelling brings us straight into the heart of the human community. Often it makes our own lives richer as we come almost simultaneously to understand our own concerns a little better while tuning in to those of other people.

In fact, it is the sharing of stories - the opening of windows into our own and others' lives - that shows us how like others we are in our needs and yearnings, as well as the ways in which each of us is unique and entirely special.
I can't find a copy of the article online, not even at Ms Dowrick's website, so I put a rebel copy of it over here, neatly typed up by yours truly, Friend of The Reading Public.