Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back me up, Flickr

Years ago I was enthusiastic about doing family history research and scanned lots of old photos into the computer. Then my interest waned and I forgot about all these files - many of them irreplaceable and none of them backed up.

Bloody hell.

I've only just realised that Flickr can archive them. If you pay for a Pro account (US$24.95 per year) you get unlimited storage and can upload up to 2GB per month. Also, you can nominate whether each photo is public or private - the latter seen only by anyone you've nominated as a "friend" or "family" contact. Brilliant.

Today I put up some public photos (things found in an old Bible), but on the way there found the following postcard. It won't be going public on Flickr but I want to show you because you're so special, reader. Kissie kissie.

No. Seriously. I just think it's cute. Written when I was nine-and-a-half and apparently having lots of trouble with ink control: