Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This is the next-to-first jasmine flower this season. It's the next-to-first and not the first because the wind has been really gusty over the last few days and the first flower, poor thing, had its little face smashed in by a raging southerly. Boo.

Every year the first jasmine marks a change in the seasons, I think, or that's the way I look at it anyway. Winter is on the way out now, and while I hate the reminder (boo-a-hoo-hoo! winter! come back!), I do really love the messenger.

One year when I was living in Canberra, my angel Mum sent me some jasmine (by post or by courier - my visiting sister Mavis - I can't remember which). She wrapped it in damp cotton wool and carefully packed it into a box, and somehow, miraculously, the flowers arrived intact. I can't remember most things about that year, but I do remember that beautiful present.

Now it's jasmine time again and winter is leaving and summer will soon be arriving and it all just cries out for a bit of old-time folk singing,** doesn't it?
To everything, turn, turn, turn
There is a season, turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

From "Turn, Turn, Turn", a song made famous by The Byrds in the 1960s, using Pete Seeger's original music/Bible text combo.

** If that midi-file-with-lyrics business didn't make you smile, you're just not trying, are you? Sing! reader, Sing!!