Thursday, August 03, 2006

Really wild wilderness

Copyright Renae Baker 2006

Nacreous clouds (aka polar stratospheric clouds) in a photo taken by a meteorological officer working at Mawson in Antarctica. They were more than twice the height of clouds normally seen in polar regions, and (umm... Should I state the obvious?) they look amazing.

Found via My Last Continent, which also provides a link to the happy news that "Brazil's air force and navy will transport more than 100 penguins to Antarctica next month after the flightless birds were stranded on Rio de Janeiro beaches." The penguins will fly (by plane, the lazy sods) to southern Brazil, then board a ship for their trip home to Antarctic waters. Isn't that nice?

Of course, a possible scenario =

The ship weighs anchor. All human passengers flock to the railings. All penguin passengers splash! splash! plop! their way into the sea.

Ahhh... Look at them frolic! Look at them play! Home at last to freedom.

But wait! Shouts ring out from the humans.

"Penguins! Look out!"
"Oh no!"
"Look out!!"
"Oh no!!"
"Look out! Look out! Look out!!!"
(collective bellow from horrified spectators)


Oh, go on, laugh. It won't kill you (^_^)

NB. No animals were harmed during production of this blog post.