Sunday, September 24, 2006

Garden 3

It's more than 4 weeks since I updated the garden report, and that's because it's more than 4 weeks since I had anything to tell you.

And speaking of you, just who do I think you are, anyway? It's one of those interesting bloggy questions. If anybody other than me is reading this... well, specifically you, obviously... you could be anyone, any time, anywhere. You might be reading this in 2010 for all I know. That's all quite strange, isn't it? I might do a blog post about it one day and consider the whys and wherefores.

But back to the garden. I finally got it planted. All the seeds are pretty old now, so it'll be interesting to see how many of them germinate. They're a mix of types: some patented ones from big commercial companies, and some non-hybrid traditionals from the marvellous Eden Seeds.

I still have very little motivation for gardening, hence the time it took to get the beds planted. It feels like I'm not getting very far, but looking back to the way things were before (Garden 1 & Garden 2) gives some evidence of progress, small as it is. It's something more than nothing, as I said last time, and something more than nothing is good. Small steps, baby steps, plod plod plod... I probably need to resign myself to the fact that this is the only way I ever achieve anything. Slowly. Painfully. Kicking and screaming the whole way.


Here are my boots (because I love them so). You can also see the pavers, the garden bed wall thing (what's it called?) and the seed markers made by cutting strips from an empty plastic bottle and writing on them with waterproof marker.

Nasturtiums. They're popping up like weeds. And I suppose if they're growing where they're not supposed to be, that probably means they are weeds. It seems disrespectful to call them that though. They have really beautiful flowers and leaves - and you can eat them too, did you know that? Little treasures, really.