Monday, September 18, 2006

A Simpsons moment for your Monday

Lisa (home from school because she had a cold the day before) is playing one of Bart's video games.
LISA: No, no, yes, that's it! Bite, bite, bite!
MARGE: Lisa?
LISA gasps and ducks under the blanket.
MARGE: Aw, sweetie, you look so much better. Ready to go back to school?
LISA: Oh, I don't know. (Pretends to cough) I mean, I could risk it, but...
MARGE: No, no. You just stay put.
BART: Wow! You didn't even feel her forehead! How do I get that kind of credibility?
MARGE: With eight years of scrupulous honesty.
BART: Meh. Not worth it.

From Lisa Gets an "A" written by Ian Maxtone-Graham