Saturday, September 16, 2006

Baby snaps

In a recent post (Semi-consciousness) I mentioned that a new calf had been born here. He's not the only one, in fact, but he's the newest and littlest, and I've been meaning to show you what he looks like. So here we go.

Reader, meet Baby-darl:

(a) with his mum:

(b) with his cousin (he's on the left; cousin is on the right):

(c) wandering about on his own:

He's a curious little chappie, and if it wasn't for the warning murmurs from his mother (apparently telling him to stay away), I think he would have come over closer to the dogs and I to investigate... and maybe say hello...

...and maybe kick us... No, not really. But sometimes - usually in the afternoons, and maybe it's always after they've had a feed and are feeling pleased with the world - little calves prance around like deer or foals, kicking into the air with their back feet, seemingly just for the joy of it. (I wish I could get a photo. You'd be very impressed, you know ;) )