Friday, September 08, 2006

Treasure alert x 2

Alfred Stieglitz
The Glow of Night, New York

You might want to take a packed lunch for this, one of those great sites which leads on and on and on to more and more and more. Don't expect to rush. Peter Marquis-Kyle publishes a blog, Marking time, a collection of Special places sites, a collection of Queensland Cartes-de-visite (don't know what they are? Neither did I), a page about Tools from Rwanda, and more. See his site map.

And that led on to this:

The marvellous Luminous-Lint, the purpose of which is "To create the world's leading collaborative knowledge-base for the history of photography showing significant vintage and contemporary photography."

You can find great exhibitions there, including one dedicated to Alfred Stieglitz (source of the picture above) and Alvin Langdon Coburn (source of the picture below).

Bless the internet, I say (again). \(^o^)/

Alvin Langdon Coburn
The Tower Bridge