Sunday, September 03, 2006

Camphor Laurel

Well, the rain has gone... Take a look at the sky this morning:

Now, that's blue! And the green thing is the top of a Camphor Laurel tree, one of many which grow around here. All the leaves in their new Spring range have just been revealed and the hot colour for this season is...

(wait for it)

Fluoro Lime Green!

The Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is a noxious weed unfortunately, but I love it anyway. It's my favourite tree, and I can say that without agonising and dithering. (Usually I agonise, usually I dither: is this really my favourite?)

This leads me to wonder why online profiles have such a narrow range of "favourite" categories. At both Blogger and Flickr, you can list your favourite movies, music, and books. That's it. No favourite trees, no favourite birds, no favourite weather or places or foods or smells or... etc. I'd prefer a general "Favourite things" category. At least that way I'd have some small chance of being able to choose and list a few favourites. (Wasn't joking about the agonising and dithering. Do you realise the "branding" power of such lists? It's too scary. You're not just nominating the things you like, you're signing up to one tribe or another: the "classic movies" people, the "tired old rock" people, the "not-serious reader" people.)

Anyway, back to the Camphor Laurel, and I put a few photos up at Flickr - starting with this one.

Happy Sunday to you, reader, and Happy Father's Day as well, if that's appropriate.