Thursday, August 24, 2006


Swallows on the roof this morning. There are a few families nesting under the verandah roof at the moment but it's hard to get a photo of them because:
(a) they fly away too quickly (yes, I'm a scary beast), and
(b) it's pretty dark up there.

I think they nest about twice a year but can't be sure, so this post is my official reminder for future reference. They come back to the same places each time, and if the old nest has been knocked down, they'll rebuild it (mostly with a thick mud mix, by the looks of them).

I like thinking about all the generations that have been born and raised here - many many more than those of the human residents. I don't know how many humans have lived here over the years (the property was snatched from the wilderness in 1882) but the birds would outnumber them by... what, thousands? A lot, anyway. Go the birds.