Thursday, August 31, 2006

Treasure alert

Lord Sedgwick at There Ain't no Sanity Clause discusses the interim control order this country has imposed on "terror suspect" Jack Thomas: Who's Jackin' who?

His post gives said control order exactly what it deserves: plain ridicule and loathing. Even the magistrate who imposed the order today said it looked "somewhat silly" and "almost a bit farcical" for having included the name of Osama Bin Laden in the list of people and organisations which Mr Thomas is banned from contacting. And according to Lex Lasry QC, lawyer for Thomas, the list includes 13 people who are either dead or being held (presumably incommunicado?) at Guantanamo Bay.

Just what is such a stupid order actually about? This is the explanation that gets my vote:
The Attorney-General [...] embodies very convincing evidence of the way politics gets in the way of human rights. He's an Attorney-General, in my opinion, with an eye only to one thing at the moment and that is saving face and gaining a political advantage.
- Lex Lasry