Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For my sisters

Each of my sisters responded to one of the previous two posts (1 vote for Beaker, 1 vote for Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny) so I got their pin-ups together for a portrait.

Ready for this?

(drum roll please)


Beaker Goes Bunny Bunny
(click for a larger version)

By the way, I've got a 1972 edition of the bunny book, and it actually is titled the Bunny Book. (To refresh your memory, 1953's title was Grandpa Bunny.) Each book has a few pictures which the other does not, which seems a bit silly.


I scanned a few pages from the 1953/1972 books and posted them at Flickr. The first of the book scans is here. (In case you're not familiar with Flickr, use the "See different sizes" or "All sizes" links to access the original-size photos, and click on the thumbnail photos under "Deedree's photostream" to go to the next/previous photo in the list.)