Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Following on from those other seasonal firsts I've been mentioning (eg. jasmine flowers, camphor laurel leaves, nesting swallows**), this afternoon we had the first real Spring storm. It wasn't particularly noteworthy but was nice nonetheless, and gave us 31mm of rain.

It's always a challenge to show rain in a photo and I still haven't found a way to do this effectively yet, but here are two of today's attempts.

(1) Looking from the verandah - the vegie garden, with coffee trees and eucalypts in the background, and rain over all:

(2) Looking through a window into the backyard - white roses and a camphor laurel in the background, and a sudden waterfall coursing down from the roof (presumably created by blocked guttering).

**Maybe the swallows aren't nesting after all - I haven't seen any babies yet - but then what else would they be doing here? Holidaying?