Sunday, November 05, 2006

Random wisdom

On the Blogger sign in page there's a little list of blogs recently updated. I've never taken any notice of it before, but just as I was signing in this time I caught sight of one of the blog titles - Quotes Archive - and being currently hypersensitive to all things quote-related (trying to get my own quotes archive going), I toddled over there to have a look, and found this:
A painfully-sweet fact:

Truth is,

everyone's just gonna hurt you..

You just have to decide,

who's worth the pain.

posted by Cheol-su, Quotes Archive
Short, sweet and wise. I hope you're not thinking it sounds needlessly pessimistic or something. Maybe it is. But I'm thinking it's more like an acceptance of inevitabilities. We humans can hurt each other without even trying to, and there'll be times when we are trying to. That's the way it goes. Life. Human nature. Whatever the hell it is, it just is. To know that and accept it and to make decisions on the basis of it seems like wisdom, I'm thinking.

But yeah, like I'm the expert on human relationships... And that's not what I signed in to write, anyway. Back later, reader, all being well.