Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Great Eastern Fly In

Well, the first day of 2005 was rather good in this part of the world. My very sweet parents and I went to Evans Head to see The Great Eastern Fly In: lots of aircraft in a little coastal town for a 3 day plane-love fest, basically. I’ve never been to one of these things before, but it was fantastic. Lots of planes you could have a stickybeak at up-close (I don’t know anything about planes, but inexplicably love them), people sitting around in the shade under the wings, planes doing aerobatics (including one absolutely amazing display in an ultralight: a few tubes of metal looking to be strung together with string and some sail-cloth doing world-class ballet in the air) and - my favourite - the glider (pic above, and first below). We actually went down there intending to take a few joy flights, but walked around and sat around and hung around too long and all of us lost the will to live, basically... It was hot. We probably all had low-blood sugar or something. No excuse, I know, but it was enough just to look at these things:

And no, it's nothing at all like trainspotting. Nothing at all.