Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The wind whistles through

If you’re thinking that after my decades of template tinkering this new design looks remarkably similar to the standard Blogger Minima - I know!! It’s a miracle! What are the chances?

The truth is that my little adventure in blog-house-building led to nothing more than clunky designs, and sore eyes from staring at the monitor too long. I've downed tools now, after hitting my thumb with the hammer just once too often. My little blog house is bare, as you can see: just foundations and a roof. But as long as you can avoid slipping on sawdust, or stepping on bent nails, or hanging yourself on those looping electrical wires - as long as this place doesn't kill you, in other words - I'll just tinker around the edges and carry on with blogging as normal.

Of course, now I can't avoid looking at the problem: I need to write something to post.