Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yes, I remember

These days I carry a pen and paper everywhere (in case a miracle occurs and I get an idea). But when I got back from mowing today they were missing. In my head I went back over the events of the afternoon, trying to work out where and when they might’ve fallen from my pocket. I could remember getting off the mower (a small tractor) to pick up palm fronds from the lawn. I could remember making a note before getting to that area, stopping the mower under the shade of a tree, and I could vaguely remember what I wrote. After that: picking up the palm fronds. And after that: no other notes. The palm fronds area was probably the place - the pen and paper would be lying there in the grass.

I came in to tell my father I’d be driving down the road to retrieve the pen/paper (Dad works here during the week). He picked up something from the desk and said, “These?” handing over a pen and paper.

Why, yes, actually. Why, yes. The same pen and paper I could remember using to make a note. The same pen and paper which had been sitting in the house all day while I was elsewhere, not making a note.



Sorry, it just didn't occur to me that this could be read as a tale of otherworldly mystery. Which - now that I realise - just adds emphasis to my intended point: this brain is letting me down. I thought I remembered writing that note, but no, I didn't (didn't write it, and thus couldn't have remembered it). That's all; a bit boring, yes. So please carry on with the ghostly readings - a far more interesting interpretation. I wish I'd thought of it myself.