Friday, February 18, 2005

Midnight encounter

A storm just went through here, and I went out on the deck to let Little Pup into the laundry (a room at the back of the house). Just next to the door was this frog. I think it's a Green Tree Frog** or Litoria caerulea**. Compared to others I’ve seen, it’s quite big (that’s my thumb in the photo to give you something to gauge the size, and my thumb isn’t small). It wasn’t at all perturbed by me or the camera flash (I took four photos) or the lightning and thunder.

I’m always amazed when wild animals seem so unfazed by big buffoons such as myself. Why aren’t they scared? Or are they actually frozen in terror? (Just hoping it's the first.)

**Both of those links allow you to listen to a frog's call. You need to imagine the sound amplified by roof guttering or a downpipe though, which is often where the sound comes from. And I'm assuming that a "Green Tree Frog" is the same as a "Common Green Tree Frog". If that's wrong, please let me know. I don't want to offend my neighbourhood frogs.