Saturday, February 26, 2005

Reasons to love bad journalism: Part 1

A small article in today’s paper edition of the Sydney Morning Herald:

Sweet medicine: Chocolate should be prescribed at British hospitals because of its benefits for women. Studies show it helps cut symptoms of pre-menstural [sic] tension and depression, releases endorphins and has magnesium, which cuts mood swings. It could substitute for drugs like Prozac, a chocolatier says. The Department of Health says more studies are needed.
- Sydney Morning Herald, 26-27 February 2005, p.42.
I know you’ll be saying, “What studies? What would a chocolatier know about Prozac? Where did this come from?” But with my hands pressed so firmly over my ears I can’t hear you, and to the Department of Health I say, “Phooew! The study is conclusive, fools!”

Chocolate biscuits for wisdom, and now chocolate itself for happiness.This world just gets better and better...