Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Doing the farm thing: creek walk

The weather is cooling down now, so I'm hoping the snakes have gone far far away. I ventured to the creek over the weekend, and wasn't killed. Remarkable.

In the distance are the hills I mentioned in the last batch of photos. I like to pretend they're very much bigger, with higher ranges lined up behind them, all covered with snow. Try it if you want to: look hard... focus... See?

This is the neighbour's section of the creek, photo taken with a bit of zoom from halfway down the hill.

The grass and weeds are still long - that's Big Pup in the background - but soon there'll be cows in here again, and with the onset of winter all this growth will disappear.

This section of the creek always feels enchanted. Maybe it's due to all the dancing elves and choruses of angels, but I'm not sure.

The creek is overgrown for much of its length at the moment, but it's a tiny watercourse anyway, as you can see. Further along there's a pool which is big enough for the dogs to swim in (no chicks there at the moment, Bob) but here you can easily step from one side to the other. The water is running low, despite some recent rain.

Full moon rising...

... and a colourful sky to the west.
Time for another cup of tea.