Thursday, July 28, 2005

Walking home

I've just noticed how it feels to plant my feet on the ground, and I mean I noticed it for the first time. (I've only been walking for about 41 years. Talk about slow...) The thing is, once you notice it, it seems weird. As long as you stand in one spot, your feet feel heavy and stuck to the ground. You can’t move them without effort; you have to use muscles to separate yourself from the earth.

The scientific explanation for this might involve gravity. But another way of looking at it (one I’ve just made up) is that the earth is holding onto our feet; it holds us until we break away. I like this explanation. Suddenly it feels like you’re home, wherever your feet are.

And following on from this, it seems feasible that where people sit or sleep on the ground - where they have a physical bond with the earth, not only through the soles of their feet or boots or shoes, but through other parts of their bodies as well - it seems likely they might feel more at home on this earth than the rest of us.

Too hippy-trippy, or does this make sense?