Friday, October 14, 2005

The Girl in the Café

Advance notice if you watch Australian television: on Sunday night ABC TV screens "The Girl in the Café", written by Richard Curtis:
Traditionally, I work for a charity for six months out of every two years. And I thought, well maybe instead of fundraising I should do some consciousness-raising. And since there was actually a plan on the table for how to halve extreme poverty by 2015, I wanted to see whether anything I could do might make that more likely. [...] I would love to feel that people who see the film might think, I'm just an ordinary person like the girl in the film. Is there anything I can do?'
And more:
[...] it is the film I've been involved in of which I'm most proud and I hope that one day very soon, real reality will catch up, and our generation - that has the resources and knowledge to end extreme poverty - will do just that.
If that's not enough, this from critic Robin Oliver in the Sydney Morning Herald's the guide:
Sometimes, though very rarely, television drama reaches perfection. This piece undoubtedly qualifies; amusing, romantic and, because of the powerful and considered way it leaves us nodding approval for its handling of serious matters, an immediate candidate for any list of favourites.