Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yesterday I drove out to Nimbin with my Evil Sister (let's call her Mavis). She needed something from the Rainbow Power Company, and as it turned out they couldn't really help, but let's not hold that against them for too long. They specialise in renewable energy systems, and run the business from a small country town, so bravo, really.

Nimbin has had its ups and downs over the years, and maybe I'm not the only one who heard its drug problems were getting out of hand. I don't know whether that was ever true. It seemed to be a widely held perception.

But, based entirely on a ten-minute wander up and down the street, maybe things are different now. The town was looking rather pleasant. The street was clean, the people seemed healthy, and I didn't trip and kill myself on a discarded syringe, not even once. The weather was as hot and steamy as a damn sauna of course, but I've got to whinge about something, don't I?