Friday, June 23, 2006

Help them Rove!

Remember J? She used to comment here. The poor dear had to flee the country though, and now lives in dire circumstances on a sun-drenched Pacific island. Life is tough there. The passing whales make so much noise. The threat of death-by-falling-coconut is ongoing. Lying in a hammock is actually really tiring. And realistically, there's only so much tropical scented air a person can take, you know? And seafood?! (Don't talk to her about seafood.)

And yet, she battles on. The calibre of the woman is revealed when I tell you that she recently managed to make contact with the outside world (via carrier-pigeon-assisted email) and, instead of trying to help herself, she was desperately trying to help somebody else instead. (Oh, reader! Wipe away those tears! Come now! It's moving, I know, but blubbering like that? Sssh. Please.)

Here is what that angel J said:

I have been asked to pass on this link - young uni students with a bit of time on their hands, looking to involve Rove's tv company in their next adventure! The link below is to a website some Qld uni students have set up outlining their plans to take the ultimate trip around Australia at the end of the 06 uni year, as ambassadors for Rove Live. I have known one of the boys, Alex, since he was a toddler - you couldn't find a nicer person, so I have agreed to spread the word as far as my limited address book will allow. Please pass it on to any you know who may help with sending emails to Rove...

Best wishes,


And here are the lads themselves:

I don't know Alex, but that's him, third from the left. From all reports (and I've heard a few - he's the brother of the best friend of my niece/J's daughter, Surfergirl) he's a genuinely lovely chappie, so I hope his mates are equally support-worthy.

Does their project have legs? I think it should. They'd be answering an urgent need in the Australian community - it's quite obvious that we don't have anywhere near enough Rove ambassadors. So what's a nation to do? Answer: Get some! Please help if you can.

(Next project: "Operation Rescue J")