Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lemon Fresh! Powerful Clean!

I just got some freshly-washed bath towels out of the washing machine and they smelled so good (thanks to Spree laundry powder), I felt compelled to sink my face into them and think, "Mmm!"

And then I remembered this:

Cartoon by Sempe: city, advertising, commercial, great melon
Click on the image for a larger readable version,** and I'm sorry the file is so big. I tried uploading a .gif, but it turned itself into a .png and just looked weird.

Cartoon by Sempe (? That's what the signature looks like, anyway), The New Yorker, 16 June 1986, p. 32.

**When the picture has loaded, you might need to then click on a little square orange thing with blue arrows at each corner (which you'll see if you hover your mouse over the picture).