Friday, October 13, 2006

Lawn register

I mow a property down the road, and every week there are new strange items lying around on the lawn there. It's annoying having to stop the mower again and again in order to move things out of the way, but the list of Newest Items is becoming more interesting all the time.

Highlights have included:

- tennis rackets and balls
- a cricket bat and stumps
- soccer balls
- a fishing rod
- a bicycle and scooter
- building materials for a treehouse and fort
- camping gear: tent, blanket, candle, water bottles
- a sports bag
- a baseball cap
- a plastic gun
- a miniature skateboard
- a hula hoop
- pens
- an oversized clothes peg (in the middle of the lawn)
- one rubber boot
- a broom
- a computer game CD (broken)
- various bits of litter
- and one pet rabbit, deceased (ripped apart by an unidentified predator, possibly a fox or dog)

The expression "Everything but the kitchen sink" should have occurred earlier, but I didn't think of it until yesterday, looking at this:

A tap, yes.