Monday, October 02, 2006

The way things go

Okay, so this is the way things go sometimes.

I wanted to get all those quotes online, so I started a new blog in Beta. It was attached to a throwaway one which has now been deleted, so neither of us have to worry about it, though you could worry about this if you're inclined to: the throwaway blog had posts of only meaningless text and wasn't listed publicly. I used it only to tinker with designs and to test-drive the migration to Beta. Yet my profile there has been viewed 7 times. Huh?

I logged in to the quotes blog this morning and decided that its start-up problems have probably been sorted now, so it would be okay to make it public. I changed the settings to allow this, and settings were saved. Fine. Good. Away we go. Publicly.

Then I tried to create a new post. No. Away we do not go. Nothing was working. Beta had started a go slow. It wouldn't create a new post or return to Settings or anything else. I couldn't even log out. And now, more than an hour later, I can't log back in and can't view the site online either.

This would be merely annoying, except that in the interim I decided to test whether the blog shows up in searches, and googled the title. And... bloody hell. The correct time to google a title is before I make the blog public, reader - before!

Because, you see, my blog's stupid and boring title when googled brings up a book of quotes written by a woman with a first name not a million miles from my own (and her last name looks to be contrived), and she's sitting there on the web site in big hair and toothy smile (can you guess where I think she's from?) and her quotes... her quotes...

Let's just say that maybe they would inspire you and maybe they would make you puke.

So that's the situation. I've made my stupid blog public and then only then found that its poxy title is wildly inappropriate, and now I can't log back in to either make it private again or change the title.

Damn, I say. Damn.


And now it's later than that, and Beta is now working, and I've changed the title and now, taa-dar!! Here it is:
Cite that source!

Of course I've run out of time to say anything else now, so I might add to this later.


Well, I came back and added "add" to the last line, which probably deserves a prize of some sort. (It previously said "Of course I've run out of time to say anything else now, so I might to this later.") Hmph.